Psychological Testing


Psychological testing is frequently necessary in order to accurately diagnose and define the specific challenges a person is facing. Testing is performed in order to answer questions related to a person's functioning.  Testing is often requested by pediatricians prior to prescribing medication for ADHD.  Academic and intellectual testing may be required for children in order to acsertain their different learning needs.  Psychiatrists and family physicians often request testing to assist in diagnostic clarification and treatment planning. Courts often require testing of couples in the process of divorce.


We offer testing in the following areas:

- Child and adult ADHD

- Learning disabilties

- Cognitive abilities and concerns/questions about memory function

- Diagnosis of serious mental Illness

- Developmental diabilites (Autism spectrum disorders)

- Adoption preparation

- Law enforcement applicants

- Pre-op bariatric surgery


If you have questions or would like to discuss your testing needs, please contact our office or email Dr. Cuppett directly at