Paul Cuppett, PsyD

Child and Family Psychologist


People generally don't seek out therapy or psychological testing when life or circumstances are going as they hoped or expected. While the practice of psychology is my chosen profession for the last 20 plus years, I consider it an honor to assist people in better understanding their circumstances and in identifying a path that can lead to growth and healing.



I provide a range of psychological services for children (age 10) through adults. I treat clients in individual therapy, family and couples therapy. When needed, psychological testing is conducted for diagnosing and treating learning difficulties, behavior and mood problems, depression, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric difficulties.



For some, my ability to address matters from a Christian perspective is a relief, some don't care, and others may not like the idea at all. My task is to meet people were they are, and not to impose my beliefs on them. I believe I am successful in that task.​