Why Choose

Dr. Cuppett?

Dr. Cuppett and his staff...

  • Provide testing for legal matters, court orders and referrals, and international adoptions.

  • Provide testing for diagnostic purposes such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and other psychiatric or developmental conditions

  • Provide counseling for adults, couples, and adolescents

  • Have extensive experience in assisting individuals and families affected by addiction to drugs and alcohol and pornography.

  • Stay current in psychological literature and are active in local and state psychological associations.



We offer therapy for teens, adults and couples dealing with:

- Depression / Anxiety

- Behavior problems

- Marital challenges

- Adjustment problems

- Grief

- Divorce

- Addiction

- Impulse control problems

- Parenting

- Supportive counseling

We offer testing in the following areas:

- Child and adult ADHD

- Learning disabilties

- Cognitive abilities

- Diagnosis of serious mental Illness

- Developmental disabilites (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

- Adoption preparation

- Law enforcement applicants

- Pre-op bariatric surgery